EORU Senior Men Kick Off 2018 Against Quebec

The Eastern Ontario Rugby Union’s Senior Men’s Fifteens Team will kick off their season on Saturday, May 12, 2018 when they take on Rugby Quebec’s Senior Men’s Team at 4 PM at Twin Elm Rugby Park.

Operating under a revised structure this year, the team will seek to continue the work put in over the past three seasons.  The EORU Senior Men’s Team is composed of players from the Bytown Blues and Kingston Panthers, the EORU’s two representative clubs in the FRQ Super League 

“This team is a mix of experienced EORU veterans, and some exciting young talent,” said Scott Kyle, EORU Head Coach. “As a squad, we have had limited time together, but we have attacking and defensive frameworks that will give us every opportunity to show our individual skills and play an attractive brand of rugby.”

Admission is free for the match on Saturday afternoon and all are welcome to attend.

Roster vs. Quebec

1. Dick Terrion – Bytown Blues
2. John Shaw – Bytown Blues
3. Ryan Surgenor – Bytown Blues
4. Elias Hancock – Bytown Blues
5. Charlie Tremblay – Kingston Panthers
6. Tyson Morris – Bytown Blues
7. Christian Futschik – Kingston Panthers
8. Angus Macphail – Kingston Panthers
9. Josh Green – Bytown Blues
10. Gabriel Casey – Bytown Blues
11. Jeremy Nesbitt – Bytown Blues
12. Billy Shaw – Bytown Blues
13. Ibrahim Bouiahadj – Kingston Panthers
14. Aaron Dowd – Kingston Panthers
15. Lachlan Devir – Bytown Blues
16. Cody Fellows – Kingston Panthers
17. Pat Franey – Bytown Blues
18. Charles Olton – Kingston Panthers
19. Brendan King – Bytown Blues
20. Charles Kijek – Bytown Blues
21. James Shaw – Bytown Blues
22. Cody Strickland – Kingston Panthers
23. D’Shawn Bowen – Kingston Panthers

Scott Kyle, Kingston Panthers
Richard Elkington, Bytown Blues
Craig Workman, Bytown Blues

The Eastern Ontario Rugby Union (EORU) is a branch of Rugby Ontario and serves as the administrative body for rugby in Napanee, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, Lanark, Petawawa and Ottawa.

For more information about the EORU or the Senior Men’s Fifteens Program, please contact:
Sean Liebich