Canadian rugby legend, Charron, enjoys the beauty of the game

AlCharronby Simon Pacey
The Al Charron Cup which unfolded at Loyalist Field in Fredericton this past weekend wasn’t just about crowning the top club rugby squad in Eastern Canada.

It wasn’t just about exposing Maritime sides to a different calibre of competition out of Quebec or Ontario. Above all else, for the players, coaches and spectators on hand this weekend, the tournament was about carrying on one of the sport’s most cherished traditions.

“Rugby was completely amateur back when I was playing and we used to have a lot more touring sides come over, but now, we don’t really see that as much,” said Al Charron, the celebrated Canadian rugby player whom the tournament is named after, as he watched Sunday’s match between the Fredericton Loyalists and Ottawa Irish, his home team.   Read the whole story: