We are experiencing a rapid growth of rugby right across Canada. The enthusiasm for the sport has infiltrated our senses, from the Rugby World Cup 2015 in England, to the inaugural Canada7s (including U18 National Championships, University National Championships and the televised International 7s in Vancouver in March 2016), and the Rio Olympics. At this time, we’d like to provide you with some preliminary information regarding tournaments EORU 7s teams will be participating in:

August 11th – 14th – Ontario Summer Games in Mississauga, ON. EORU will send four U17 Select teams (one male and one female “Capitals” team from Ottawa, and one male and one female “Seaway” team from the Kingston area). The Ontario Summer Games are categorized as U17 boys and U17 girls.

September 24th – 25th – TIRF 7s in Toronto, ON. EORU will send U18 Select teams.

October 8th – 9th – Whitu 7s Tournament in Ottawa, ON. EORU will have a large presence, with two U18 boys’ teams, two U16 boys’ teams, two U18 girls’ teams and two U16 girls’ teams.

October 22nd – 23rd – Interbranch 7s in Niagara, ON. EORU will send U18 Select teams.

November 24th – 27th – New York 7s Tournament in NYC. Representative players will be selected to the U18 boys’ and U18 girls’ teams after the Whitu Tournament. Rugby Ontario will be selecting teams for the U18 National 7s Championships (March 2017) after the New York 7s Tournament.

March 01st – 06th, 2017 – Las Vegas 7s Tournament in Las Vegas. Team Ontario to send a U18 boys’ and a U18 girls’ team. EORU will also send teams in the categories of U18 boys, U18 girls, and U16 boys. Players will be selected during winter training.

As you can see, the age categories and divisions differ in different tournaments. EORU’s record of development speaks for itself: eight EORU players were selected to their provincial teams to compete in the 2016 National 7s Championships, and four have been selected to 2016 RC National 15s squads. There is a concerted effort to enhance development in all of the age categories. EORU will sometimes split the players based on set boundaries between Ottawa (Capitals) and Kingston (Seaway). At other times EORU will split the Ottawa teams into West and East Ottawa hubs, with exact boundaries in Ottawa to be determined.

Fall training (Saturdays) will begin in early September, and continue into early December. A new winter training session (Saturdays) will run January to March 2017. Training will take place at a variety of locations including TERP and Algonquin Dome.

Thank you very much for your interest and your ongoing support. We welcome feedback. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

We look forward to working with you!

Sonny Raina
EORU Coach

Greg Thaggard
EORU Coach

Myles Dingwall
EORU Coach

LeeEllen Carroll
EORU Manager