EORU Club Profile: Ottawa Irish Rugby Club

Club name:
Ottawa Irish Rugby Club
Home pitch:
Twin Elm Rugby Park
Jersey Colours:
Green and gold

Years active:

Men – 1963-2020, women – 1995-2020

Number of members:

  • Active players – from 220-300 in any given summer (including our lovely Minors!!)
  • Alumni – anywhere from 50-100+!
Teams available: 
  • Minor girls (U6, 8 and 10)
  • Minor boys (U6, 8 and 10)
  • U 12 full (introduction to) contact girls
  • U 12 full (introduction to) contact boys
  • Junior girls (U14, 16 and 18)
  • Junior boys (U14, 16, and 18)
  • Senior Women
  • Senior Men – 2XV
  • Senior Men – 1XV
Can you tell us about some great club memories?
  • Singing Molly Malone after every OIRC win! Everyone in the club knows all of the words (even our minors!!).
  • The annual OIRC banquet is always a blast.
  • CLUB DAYS! Always great to see hundreds of OIRC current, future and past members dressed in the Green & Gold supporting each other! 
  • Winning championships with the OIRC! 
  • Senior Men’s EPIC 2013 season!
  • New York Sevens champs 3 years in row (Senior Women)!
  • OIRC St. Patrick’s Day Run and Beau’s after party! 
  • And many, many more!
What is your club’s claim to fame?
  • Our Senior Women’s team has won (or has come close) our league every year for the last 3 summers!
  • Beating the Bytown Blues on numerous occasions
  • Al Charron! Of course. As well as all of our top performers! 
  • Our strong and supportive alumni!
  • Molly Malone
  • NYC 7’s champions 3 years in a row (women)
  • Strongest club community amongst all! From Senior (men and women) to junior to volunteer to alumni and fans / social members! 
  • Best minor program around!
What is the club’s favourite teams to play against and why?
Women: Kingston Panthers! Always such good rugby and always host the best socials afterwards! Plus, it’s always fun to get to reunite with your out-of-town pals / university teammates!! OR The Barrhaven Scottish because it’s always insanely competitive and the post-game drinks are always a blast!
Men: St. Anne-de-Bellevue! Always a great, physical match with a lot of history. The Al Charron Cup every year is always enjoyable with St. Anne’s & the other East Coast teams as well! 
Are there any shout outs or thank you’s you’d like to share?
We would like to say a massive thank you to our incredibly strong and loyal membership, our hard-working and talented coaches, as well as to our executive and core team of OIRC volunteers! We would not be able to run this club without all of you! Thank you! 
We would also like to thank our supportive alumni! We truly have the strongest network of alumni supporters. We are immensely lucky!
Finally, thank you to our incredible sponsors! Even through COVID and recent hard times, you never cease to amaze us with your constant support!