EORU Profile: Pamphinette Buisa

This week we are featuring a dynamic player from Ottawa. The EORU is proud of have Pam (Pamphinette) Buisa represent us on the international stage with Canada 7s. Off the field, Pam recently organized an anti-racism rally in Victoria which demonstrated her community leadership. There is an article about her achievements here.
Name: Pamphinette Buisa
Position: Forward in 7s and Flanker/8 man in 15s
Current and previous team affiliations: Team Canada, UVic Vikes & Ottawa Irish
Tell us about how you found rugby and what made you fall in love with it? 
I found rugby playing basketball. It started off in high school because I was a very aggressive player and kept getting fouled out. The rugby coach was watching us play, and suggested I play a sport where I was allowed to be aggressive. Ever since I was introduced to the sport I never look back!
What was the transition like from playing rugby in Ottawa to moving across the country to play for the Canadian women’s 7s team? 
It was a huge learning curve, especially being so young. I am grateful and lucky to have a family that supported me and believed in my dream, but it was tough moving away from home and starting to create a new community. It was awakening to be amongst the best of the best in Canada, and play alongside the best in the world. It was a very humbling and empowering experience. 
Can you describe what a normal week of training looks like for you in season? 
A normal week of training is composed of speed, skills, and conditioning. We go through a lot of anaerobic and aerobic-based training, and video analysis to keep up-to-date and reinforce positive habits. We usually start the day off at 8am until around 4pm Monday to Friday, and sometimes Saturday if we play inter-squad games. 
How do you find juggling being in school and being a national level athlete? 
It’s been an evolving learning process. I’ve been lucky enough to have professors who are very accommodating at the University of Victoria. They have helped with setting deadlines to complete my degree and achieve my Olympic dream. I enjoy being busy so it’s nice to go to school and stimulate my mind constantly. 
Do you have any pre-game rituals? 
I always make sure to have a good stretching session and to blast gospel music before every game.
Favourite rugby memory to date? 
My favourite rugby memory was having my dad watch me represent Canada for the first time. He’s watched live and online, but this time he came to the World Cup held in San Francisco in 2018. I am so thankful for my parent‘s support, it was an honour to have my dad be a part of that. 
Favourite pre-game and post-game meal? 
My pregame meal is quite limited because of nerves, but I definitely do like a good scrambled egg. Typically for post game meal, I‘d eat some rice and chicken. 
Do you have any advice young athletes looking to follow in your footsteps? 
My advice for young people looking to follow my footsteps would be to believe in yourself. As cliché as it sounds, when you have doubt in your mind and you don’t think you’re good enough, that is the first thing preventing you from achieving your greatness. Anyone can do anything. Let your passion dictate your achievements.