EORU Strength and Conditioning

The coaches from Capital Strength Training Systems (http://capitalstrengthts.com/) are very excited to work with EORU athletes over the course of the summer. During field sessions we will be focusing on a variety of speed and agility progressions. We also want to offer you options for training in the gym – which will consist of an in-house program for Ottawa based athletes, and a remote training app for non-Ottawa based athletes. These programs will focus on increasing strength, power, and movement mechanics, all while taking under consideration that you are in the middle of your rugby seasons! There are a limited number of spots available for the in-house program. Details bellow: 
Gym Package
What we will offer:
-60 min sessions
-1:10 Coach to Athlete Ratio
-Mixed U16-U18 Girls & Boys Groups (20 athlete cap per group)
-3 Phase Programming
When: 11 Weeks (May 28th – August 8th)
-Option 1: Monday & Wednesday @ 8pm
-Option 2: Tuesday & Thursday @ 8pm
Cost: $220.00 + HST (total = $248.60)
Remote Training Package
What we will offer:
-Training plan sent through a mobile app.
-Videos and descriptions for each exercise
-Exercises adapted for commercial gyms
-Email check-ins at the middle of each phase (x3)
-3 Phase Programming
When: 11 Weeks (May 28th – August 8th)
Cost: $100.00 + HST (total = $113.00) 
For information, please contact:

Bianca Paiement, BScHK, CSCS

Strength Coach
Capital Strength Training Systems
2190 Thurston Drive, Ottawa, K1G 6E1
Cell: 613-862-8572

Twitter: @capital_sts
Instagram: @capital_strength_ts