EORU takes double Gold at Eastern Canadian Championship

Both EORU Junior mens team defeated New Brunswick in the finals at Eastern Canadian Championship held in Truro, Nova Scotia this past weekend.  We will await a more detailed review including the team rosters but the U18 were down 7 -0 at the half of the finals but came back strong with a 17 to 7 win. The U16 were up 14 to 0 at the half in their final and kept the second scoreless to maintain a 14 to 0 win.

Round Robin Scores


NB 0 – EORU 5

NF 3 – EORU 7

NS 5- EORU 55


U 16

NB 13 – EORU 0

NF 15 – EORU 24

NS 0 – EORU 6

PEi 5 – EORU 22

The two teams only suffered only one loss all weekend which is a testament to the hard work of all the players, their parents and all the EORU junior club coaches.

The EORU coaches would like thank Wanda Butler (Tour Manager), Tony Revitt (Physiotherapist at Carleton Sports Medicine) and Mike Donaldson (EORU Jr. Men Manager) who took care of everything behind the scenes and let the coaches focus on the players and the task at hand.

The EORU Executive would like to thank Danny Leeson, Patrick Thompson, Sam Laggis and Todd Fortier for their time and dedication coaching these fine athletes.  We are all very aware how much time and effort it takes to make this happen. And year and year you make EORU proud.