EORU U17 Sevens Rosters Named for the Ontario Summer Games

EORU U17 Girls Training

Young athletes from across Eastern Ontario have spent a hot July training for a spot on EORU’s 7s squads heading to compete in the Ontario Summer Games. This year’s biennial games are hosted in Mississauga, August 11 through 13th, 2016. Rugby matches will be held Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre. The Team EORU bus will be filled with 48 athletes, their coaches and therapist, looking forward to some great competition!

The roster includes:

  • 12 players who will represent Ontario at the Nationals in August 2016
  • nine players who competed in either or both the 2015 New York 7s and 2016 Las Vegas 7s
  • 18 players who competed in the 2016 Eastern Canadian Championships in Truru, NS
  • one player who represented Ontario in the U18 National 7s Championships in March 2016
  • one player selected to Team Canada U17

Here are your teams:

EORU U17 Girls Capitals

  • Brooke Bean (Ottawa Indians) ^>+
  • Alayna Baelde (Brockville Sirens) >
  • Annabel Cowen (Kingston Panthers) >
  • Jaleesa Daye (Ottawa Indians)
  • Sierra Devries (Brockville Sirens) >
  • Elsie Gonzalez (Ottawa Indians)
  • Etta Gover (Ottawa Indians)
  • Brooklyn Jamieson (Brockville Sirens)
  • Natasha Kerlovich (Ottawa Indians) >
  • Laury-Jade Mercier-Loyer (Kingston Panthers)
  • Ashley Tait (Kingston Panthers) >

EORU U17 Girls Seaway

  • Lauryn Bons (Kingston Panthers)
  • Regan Casey (Barrhaven Scottish) ^>+
  • Charlotte Elliott (Kingston Panthers) >+
  • Maddy Grant (Cornwall Caymores)
  • Sara Hubbard (Cornwall Caymores) >
  • Mackenzie Lagrove (Barrhaven Scottish)
  • Haley Lambert (Kingston Panthers) >+
  • Paige O’Gorman (Belleville Bulldogs) +
  • Sydney Seymour (Cornwall Caymores) ^>+
  • Nadia Stinson (Belleville Bulldogs) +
  • Trinity Walker (Belleville Bulldogs) +
  • Jasmine Williams (Kingston Panthers) >

EORU U17 Boys Capitals

  • Isaac Brown (Barrhaven Scottish) ^
  • Nick Calina (Bytown Blues) ^
  • Gabriel Casey (Bytown Blues) *^+<
  • Ahmed Edali (Barrhaven Scottish)
  • Thomas Gerbis (Barrhaven Scottish)
  • Pierre Hardy-Gouombas (Ottawa Beavers)
  • Dawson Kita (Ottawa Indians)
  • Adrian Liepmann (Bytown Blues)
  • Toff Patel (Barrhaven Scottish) ^+
  • Nathan Pinder (Belleville Bulldogs) ^+
  • David Stoltz (Ottawa Indians) +
  • JoJo Thaggard (Barrhaven Scottish) ^

EORU U17 Boys Seaway

  • Isaiah Andrews (Kingston Panthers)
  • Joshua Andrews (Kingston Panthers) >
  • James Beyer (Kingston Panthers)
  • Serge Berume (Kingston Panthers)
  • Nikolas Bilodeau (Kingston Panthers) >
  • Edward Brown (Kingston Panthers) >
  • Nathaniel Denofreo (Kingston Panthers)
  • Omar Komeha (Kingston Panthers) >
  • Silas McDonald (Kingston Panthers)
  • Cameron McEachern (Kingston Panthers) >
  • Andrews Moran-MacDonald (Kingston Panthers)
  • Johnathan Sherboneau (Kingston Panthers) >

* member of the 2015-2017 Ontario U18 Sevens Program
^ member of the EORU team who competed at the 2015 NY7s and/or 2016 LV7s
>member of the 2016 EORU Traveling 15s (Maryland, USA and/or Truro, NS)
+ member of the 2016 Ontario Fifteens Program
< member of 2016 Canada U17

Coaching Staff

Boys: Jamie MacFarlane and Greg Thaggard
Girls: Sean Dunleavy and Sonny Raina (Director of EORU 7s Program)
Manager: LeeEllen Carroll
Athletic Therapist: Jessica VanWinden