EORU U18/U16 2019 Training Information

We are looking forward to having everyone out this Sunday May 26 for EORU U18/U16 training. All are welcome: invite school mates and club mates – the EORU program has grown again and we look forward to welcoming new players.
We are running four EORU teams:

U18G (born 2001, 2002)
U18B (born 2001, 2002)
U1G (born 2003, 2004)
U16B (born 2003, 2004)

For this Sunday’s session ONLY, we have special academy insurance so players who are not yet signed up with a club can give rep training a try, and see if they’re interested. After this weekend, all players must be registered with a club.
Sunday, May 26, 10am – 2pm
Carleton University – the turf field beside the Ice House.
Mouthguards, cleats and water bottles are mandatory. Bring snacks as well.
If you are new this weekend, please arrive at 9:15am and bring $20 cash to register.
If you registered in person at the last session and have already paid $40, please arrive at 9:30am and be ready to warm up at 9:45am.
Our next training session will be Friday, June 14 after school – one session in Ottawa and one session in Kingston. Exact times will be confirmed this weekend.
$40 for the last session in April and this coming Sunday. 
For those who didn’t attend in April, it is $20 CASH this Sunday. 
There will be a flat fee of $200-$250 for the training which begins in June and continues to nearly the end of July. This includes one new EORU training top. Samples will be available in early June for everyone to try on for the right fit.
We will also have EORU game shorts and EORU game socks available to order. These are mandatory for those selected to the teams heading to the tournament. We will also have EORU backpacks and EORU hoodies for sale. These are optional.
Again, this training fee is for all of the training sessions and exhibition games up until and including July 23rd.  Selections for the touring squads will be made after this date.
If you accept a position, the fee will be between $750 and $1000, which includes further training and the tour to the ECCs in Kington, accommodations and most food included.
More information on the fees to come in early June.