Niagara Thunder U20 – 36 vs. EORU U20 Selects – 25

Niagara Thunder U20 defeated EORU U20 Selects 36 -25 on Saturday afternoon of the long weekend.  They played at the back on Field #4 instead of the soggy front pitch.  Thunder took an early lead and drove the score up to 24-3.  Thunder was making fewer mistakes than the Selects, getting the ball to their backs who then ran it successfully.  It was beginning to look like they might run away with the game when EORU rallied later in the first half to narrow the lead.

In the second half, the play went back and forth with EORU alternately scoring and narrowing the gap but Niagara then extending it.  The Selects scrum was dominant, stealing several against the head; their line out play was also strong.  Technical errors plagued them as well as occasional hesitance, giving Thunder opportunities to regain the initiative.  Niagara’s strength was most on view when they got the ball out to their backs.  Their forwards scored a well drilled push over try but were stymied when they tried it again.

EORU continued to narrow the gap between the two sides in comparison to previous years, but not quite enough this time to pull ahead of Niagara.  The rematch in this home and away series will take place Saturday June 25 in Niagara region at a location still to be announced.

Scoring for Niagara:
Alex Dissauer 3 tries
John Rhodes 1 try
Graham McKelvey 1 try
Joe Dalia 1 try
Shaz Cole 2 conversions
Dan Mathie 1 converson

Scoring for EORU:
Billy Shaw – 2 tries
Doug Davidson – 1 try
Eric Jadowski – 1 try
Matt Beck – 1 conversion, 1 penalty kick

Photos courtesy of Phil Selig | philselig@hotmail.com