Referee Profile May 2019: Jim Carr

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Referee Profile

Name: Jim Carr

Hometown: Ottawa

Number of years involved in rugby: 51 (I am getting old-but I did start young!)

Club/Previous team affiliation: Ottawa Irish Rugby Club: Myths and Legends. Louisiana Exiles. Rep sides:  Eastern Ontario, Quebec and Ontario

Favourite rugby team:  I don’t really have one. I do follow the National Women’s team, who I think play great rugby not just technically but also within the spirit of the game. And, of course, the Irish.

What got you into refereeing: Phil Stone, then President of the EORRS, asked me to help out once and awhile (He said I had been giving the referees on the field “advice” for years so why not actually take the whistle). After taking the introductory referee course, Phil promptly assigned me a match every week for the rest of that season. In fairness, Phil and some of the other senior referees did make the effort to watch and coach me on a regular basis for the first couple of years.

Favourite part of refereeing: It allows me to continue to be part of the game and contribute something back (I hope) and so allowing other people the opportunity to enjoy and participate in the game and culture it offers. One that I have been a fortunate to experience. For many years I travelled constantly for work which made the coaching I was doing problematic. Refereeing, I could train while travelling and then participate when I was back.

Most memorable experience in rugby: A lot of great experiences – mostly to do with many people who over the many years have been very kind, generous and supportive to me in so many ways. Playing wise, probably playing for Eastern Ontario when we beat Llanelli (now the Llanelli Scarlets of Wales) at Twin Elm (Poster with the score is in the bar at TERP). Otherwise it has to be watching Al Charron score THAT try against Wales in the Cardiff Arms Park

What they love to do outside of rugby: I have few interest that I keep up.  Many years ago I used to bobsleigh, and I still follow that from the fringes, getting to World Cup races or World Championships when I can. Took up scuba diving 12 years ago- but I only dive in warm water – don’t like using a wet or especially a dry suit – and tie that in with sailing.  I also follow the round ball game – big Liverpool fan – for as long as I can remember.

One piece of advice you would give to new referees: Two pieces if you don’t mind. 1) Enjoy it – you can and should enjoy your role in the game otherwise its not worthwhile. 2) Don’t worry about making a mistake or getting a call wrong. It will happen – make a note of it – and then review it with another ref or the law book after the game. You will make far fewer mistakes than the players. Probably 80% of the time you blow the whistle, its because the players have made a mistake. So if less than 80% of the calls you make are wrong – you are doing something right!