Scottish: FRQ Women Division B Champions

Story by Chelsea Heuff.

This past Saturday marked a milestone day for the Barrhaven Scottish women as they marched onto the pitch in Montreal to play in the final game of playoffs. This was it as one victory stood between the Scottish and the league title. The women knew what needed to be done as they all had the same mind set going into the game and one goal in mind – ‘Hard Yards’.

The ladies set up on the opening kick off to receive the ball. Before the Scottish knew it, the Montreal Barbs were attacking hard with a victory in the mind. As the Barbs fought, the Scottish ladies were on their heels as they worked to keep up for the first 10 minutes of the game. The Barbs managed to kick a penalty, giving them a 3-0 lead in the first 10 minutes, leaving the Scottish to work hard and come back. After being down for about 5 minutes of the game, the Scottish women began to play Scottish rugby as they tackled and rucked their way to their first try of the game. Although there was a little relief after that try had been scored, the Scottish did not sit on that as they continued to out ruck and out run the Montreal Barbs. The women knew what was at stake as they worked harder then ever on the pitch.

The championship game ended with a final score of 34-3 for the Scottish! Trys were scored by Stephanie Tibelius, Natalie Poirier, Alexis Groulx, Rachel Abraham, and Jessica Harvey with converts from both Tibelius and Harvey.

This season will always be known as a milestone season as the Scottish women worked their way to the top of the FRQ and stayed there as they worked hard every game. We are looking forward to things to come next season as this is only the beginning for the Barrhaven Scottish women!

The Eastern Ontario Rugby Union would like to congratulate the Barrhaven Scottish on their very successful first season in the FRQ interlock.