U19 CRC presents opportunity for a new region

Rugby Canada’s initiative to hold an under 19 CRC tournament in early August, as a selection tool for the 2012 national U20 squad, has presented an opportunity for the formation of a new rugby region. Rugby Quebec and the Eastern Ontario Rugby Union have teamed up to form a fifth national region for the tournament, and will be known as the Lower Canada Voyageurs. They will compete against three other regions in this inaugural competition: the Prairie Wolf Pack, Atlantic Rock and Ontario Blues. A round-robin format will be played on the 10th, 11th and 13th of August in Montreal at the home field of the Montreal Irish RFC.

The voyageurs were mostly French Canadian paddlers who worked the waterways of Lower Canada trading goods for furs with the Native American population. History shows that they helped to open up this part of the country in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s.

‘The voyageurs were known for their toughness, endurance and work ethic, so it was a natural choice to name this new team after such favourable traits,’ stated Steve MacNeil, EORU President. ‘We are very excited about the formation of this new region and we are hoping that it lays the groundwork for a senior men’s equivalent sometime in the near future.’ MacNeil concluded.

Pascal Foucault, FRQ President, is also very enthused about the new set up. ‘The timing couldn’t be better in our opinion. As of this year, the FRQ and EORU teams compete against each other at the senior level, so the formation of this team is the next logical step. Both unions are hugely in favour of this relationship becoming stronger, both in our domestic and regional elite rugby,’ stated Foucault.

The Lower Canada Voyageurs will wear the colours green for Eastern Ontario, white for Quebec and red to represent the hat and sash worn by the original voyageurs. These colours are also reflected in the team’s new logo.

The team is being coached by John Lavery (FRQ), Andrew Plimer (FRQ) and Greg Thaggard (EORU), and managed by John Weller. The squad will consist of 26 players and will be captained by Ottawa’s Billy Shaw.

For more information on the Voyageurs please contact John Weller, jweller@rugbyquebec.qc.ca



Lower Canada Voyageurs U19
Roster, 2011
Scott Best (Bytown Blues)
Broeghan Carroll (Kingston Panthers)
Ryan Chapman (Ottawa Irish)
Nicholas Charlton (Sherbrooke)
Nik Chyzenski (Beaconsfield)
Alfredo Consentino (Montreal Irish)
Tomas Costanzo (Ste-Annes)
Christian Eanga-Selenge (Ottawa Beavers)
Anthony Fraschetti (Beaconsfield)
James Hamilton (Ste-Annes)
Matt Heaton (Ormstown)
Thomas Hindle  (Barrhaven Scottish)
Josh Jensen (Barrhaven Scottish)
Mike Korecky (Bytown Blues)
Shaquille Lattimore (Ste-Annes)
Jon Nadler (Bytown Blues)
Trevor Phillips (Barrhaven Scottish)
Billy Shaw © (Bytown Blues)
Sean Smallwood (Ste-Annes)
Nick Smith (Ste-Annes)
Duilio Sorrentino (Montreal Irish)
Patrick Qi Wang (Sherbrooke)
Oliver Winser (Ste-Annes)
Liam Zivkovic (Ste-Annes)

John Lavery (FRQ)
Andrew Plimer (FRQ)
Greg Thaggard (EORU)

John Weller (FRQ)