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It is without question that New Zealand often comes top of mind whenever rugby is mentioned. Renowned for producing incredible rugby players and hosting prestigious competitions, New Zealand is a beacon for aspiring athletes dreaming of donning the iconic All-Black or Black Fern jerseys. One such coveted event that draws attention is the Global Youth Sevens tournament, an international showcase of u18 boys and girls’ sevens rugby featuring over 40 teams from around the world.

The Global Youth Sevens is an international u18 boys and girls sevens rugby tournament with over 40 boys and girls teams from around the world competing. This event offers opportunities for New Zealand based U18 representative sides, academies (composite sides), and secondary school teams to participate. Participants not only experience a high level of competition on the field but also get to experience Aotearoa New Zealand’s amazing culture and hospitality off the field (taken from website). 

Representing the Eastern Ontario Rugby Union and hailing from the Barrhaven Scottish, the u18 boys embark on a unique journey to New Zealand this December, symbolizing the epitome of international competition. This team has a remarkable history, boasting an undefeated record at U14, provincial gold in U16 7s, silver in U16 15s, and consistently securing the second position in the city for U18s, second only to the Bytown Blues.

Aaron McDonald, the head coach, shares insights into the team’s growth, highlighting the dedication to game-based coaching and fundamental principles. “This cohort, together since u13, embodies the spirit of our community. Our emphasis on skill development and teamwork has seen these athletes evolve not just as players but as a tight-knit unit prepared for international competition.”

McDonald acknowledges the pivotal role the community plays in the team’s success, stating, “Grateful for all the coaches from outside the club. It’s a testament to the collaborative effort in our community. As parents, coaches, and supporters, we share in the triumphs of our athletes.

As the team prepares for the Global Youth Sevens, the focus goes beyond wins and losses. McDonald acknowledges, “We know we might not see winning success, but the chance to play against the best is an opportunity for growth. There are 14 kids; some have moved across the world, but we will be meeting in NZ to play together once again. One of the athletes has since moved to Tokyo Japan and another to Calgary.” Win or lose, everyone will gain something from this experience.”

There is also a great opportunity for another young player, Evan Shibata, who was part of the original u13 Scottish group. Because only 14 athletes are allowed to play, he cannot be rostered by the Scottish as the 15th player. However, the Auckland Bucks, a high level u18 NZ team based in Auckland, have offered to roster him. Evan has just finished his first season at Concordia.

The games will be broadcast on Skysports ( Broadcast details and fixtures to come closer to tournament date.

Some Accolades:

  • U14 27 wins, no losses = undefeated
  • U16 they won provincial gold in 7s and silver in 15s 
  • U18s Second in the city two years in the row (second to the Blues)
  • Many have gone to u18 Canada camps and represented EORU, as well as Arrows Development Academies

The Team:

  • Liam Benmore (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Colson Clost (Woodroffe HS)
  • Julian Escobar (Sacred Heart HS)
  • Justin Lee (Sir Robert Borden HS)
  • Finlay MacCorquodale (Nepean HS)
  • Graydon McKim (South Carleton HS)
  • Lane Moffatt (South Carleton HS)
  • Luuk Ordeman (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Waka Raina (Ashbury College)
  • Nick Rakobowchuk (Sacred Heart HS)
  • Evan Shibata (Concordia University)
  • Kyle Shibata (St. Pius)
  • Andrew Stevenson (Sacred Heart HS)
  • Will Wright (Woodroffe HS)
  • Vince Martin (St. Matthews)

Head Coach: Aaron McDonald

Assistant Coaches: Paul Shibata and Martin MacCorquodale 

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