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Rugby Canada Development Academy (RCDA)

In 2021, despite the pandemic, Eastern Ontario was able to run their first development academy under the direction of Rugby Canada. Elite athletes were selected from a highly skilled group of rugby players to undergo training to develop their skills, fitness and mindset to take them to the next level.



2021-2022 Squad

AthleteAffiliated Club
Paige BeanOttawa Ospreys
Rachel CullumBytown Blues
Zoe DingwallBarrhaven Scottish
Sydney HeighingtonBytown Blues
Jess HynesKingston Panthers
Annika JunekBarrhaven Scottish
Macy McDonellOttawa Irish
Olivia MuddeKingston Panthers
Kylie Rieger Ottawa Ospreys
Sarah “Jiggy” SchonfeldBytown Blues

Coaches: Jackie Tittley and Megan Copeland-Dinan

About RCDA

The Rugby Canada Decvelopment Academy is a program that spans across the country to help develop young prospects.